Organ Systems 1

1.This system transforms food particles into a size that can be absorbed.
2.This is the most superficial organ system. (Clue: Superficial Vs. Deep)
3.The organ system that secretes hormones, i.e., chemical messengers.
4.This system helps the body fight disease.
5.This system removes waste products from the blood and it assists in maintaining water and electrolyte balance.
6.The parts of this system provides frameworks and protective shields for softer tissues, serve as attachments for muscles, and is also involved in the production of blood.
7.This system provides the forces that produces body movements.
8.This system provides for the intake and output of air and for the exchange of gases between blood and air.
9.The system that transports items such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, glucose, etc. through the body.
10.The system that enables the production of offspring. (CLUE: Where do babies come from?)